Fitness and Health For The Long Haul: The Key to Consistent Workouts.

As we launch into 2020, the new decade, folks flock to the gyms, and take off with great ambition. The internet gurus, the fat burners, the health fixers, the gyms are all very busy.

Typically, that lasts a few weeks for most, and the best of intentions fall flat. Researchers say less than 8% of new years resolutions last longer than 30 days.

The biggest reason for failure: the efforts are not sustainable.

New Year’s exercise programs are launched into with great intentions. But we push too fast, too hard and results are too much soreness, not repeatable and get abandoned.

Good Luck Finding The Right One For You!

None of them consider where you are starting. Most of them are for the under 25 crowd. They don’t consider your history, your abilities, your injuries, your strengths or your weaknesses.

Q: How do we get more activity into our lives?

A: Make your training regimen repeatable!

What do we do? Something that you can do tomorrow, the next day, the day after and on and on until you can build on it, and it becomes 2nd nature.

· Does it need to be 30 minutes per session? No.

· Does it need to be at the gym. No, but it could be.

· Do you need special equipment? No.

· Does equipment make it easier? Sometimes. What makes it easier is the mental toughness to find 15 minutes per day and build on it.

· Where should you start?

Simple & Repeatable.

Something that will allow you to adopt a routine and can build on after 90 days or so.

  1. Get down (hold), do a push up and get up. From standing, get down on hands and feet and hold that for 10 seconds. Contract/brace every muscle in your body. Legs, abs, shoulders, arms. Get down for 1 push up, if you can, and get back up. If you can manage lowering yourself slowly to the ground but not the push up, that’s fine. Get back up. Repeat that 3 times.
Get On Down!
You Can Do It!
Get into a strong position here and lower slowly. Push back up if you can or simply get up from bottom position.

2. Balance yourself on 1 leg for 15 seconds. If you can do that, do it on a pillow or cushion or soft mat or carpet. If you can do that, transfer something from hand to hand as you balance. Repeat that 3 times each side.

Simple, not necessarily easy!
Move something side to side while balancing

3. Suitcase walk to over there and back. Walk with something at your side. Enough to try and make your body tip, but resist and stand tall. Walk over there and come back. Walk with it in one hand and don’t lean over, like a suitcase. In fact you can use a suitcase. If you can walk forever, its too light. If you can walk for 30–60 seconds and a challenge, then the weight is just right.

Can you repeat that tomorrow? Yes.

Will it get your heart rate up ? yes.

Will you feel stronger for it? yes.

Will you increase your metabolism? Yes.

Will you be sore? Not unless you were sore when you started.*

*if you have not done exercise in a long time, or have an injury, get clearance first before trying anything. Getting clearance can be your first step to a solid new year of positive daily habits!



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Greg Lawlor

30+ years as a coach/teacher and business leader. VP w Matrix Fitness-Canada. I write about youth sport & athletic business.